Ka haere tonu nga akoranga o rātou ma, mo ake tonu āke.
The teachings of those that have gone on, will go on forever.

J Ferris-Delemare

Kōkiri Marae is near the bank of a river, at the seaward edge of a valley the Orongorongo mountains to the east the city of Wellington west, across Whanganui a Tara and the open sea to the south.

Thus, the site is a symbol of the mission.

The mountains recall the greatness of Māori past the valley, the falls and trails of the colonial era the harbour, tranquil or stormy, the challenge of present partnerships and the open sea, the promise of the future the river, which links them all, is the Marae itself, embracing the past, reconciling the present, and welcoming the future.

It is a mission of passion, dedication, vision and skills of service according to need, and to our clients dreams flexible, yet structured, challenging yet supportive, focused yet holistic so our people may come to reclaim and honour their past, present for the challenges and chances of the present and create a future that enhances the life of the nation and the Tino Rangatiratanga of the people.

G Neutze

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