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Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust

Organisational Profile

Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust was formed in 1995 as a result of feedback from whanau and Maori providers in the Wellington rohe. The membership consisted of the Maori asthma providers and marae in the Wellington region. It became the first Maori Asthma Society in New Zealand. 

In 1997, Tu Kotahi was contracted by the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand to provide regional asthma coordination and training services for Maori in the wider Wellington rohe. 

In 1999, Tu Kotahi was contracted by the Hutt Valley District Health Board to provide asthma education and advocacy services to whanau in the wider Wellington rohe.  Tu Kotahi was contracted by Piki Te Ora ki te Awakairangi Primary Health Organisation to deliver asthma education and advocacy services to Maori affected by asthma.

Tu Kotahi was set up specifically to meet the needs of Maori by providing education, support, advocacy and resources in asthma. Over the past five years Tu Kotahi has provided Kaupapa Maori Asthma Training to whanau in the Loer North Island. However some training has reached as far as the Chatam Islands.

In 2008 the Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust Correspondence Course will offer to community health workers, nurses and asthma educators working in the community with Maori who suffer from asthma, a distance learning package. This Correspondence Course enables students to develop skills, knowledge and the attributes required to support their work in the Maori community with whanau who have asthma.

Governance Structure

Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust is governed by a Board (the Trust Board), appointed at the annual general meeting.  The Trust Board are responsible for the overall governance of the organisation, including strategic direction and financial performance.

The current Trust Board has members who include consumers, community health providers, marae and staff representatives.

The 2006 Tu Kotahi Trust Board are:

  • Keriana Kingi, Whai Oranga o Te Iwi Health Center
  • Tata Parata (Chairperson), Kokiri Marae
  • Teresea Olsen, Kokiri Marae
  • Katrina Beckham, consumer
  • Cheryl Davies, Tu Kotahi staff rep
  • Kathleen Climie consumer

Maori Asthma Training Programmes

Maori Asthma Training Programmes

Tu Kotahi are contracted to provide training to Maori providers in the lower North Island.  The Level I programme is able to take a maximum of 20 participants. 

Annually, Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma training comprises:

  • One level one training programme (3 day programme)
  • Five Level II asthma training programmes in the Wellington rohe (4 hour update programme)

What are we able to offer?

  • The venue, kai and resources for the Level I and II asthma training programmes are provided free.  The only cost to the participants is the transport to and from the training venue
  • A quality resource manual and resource kete containing updated asthma information and tools that educators will be able to utilise in their work

Asthma education service

Asthma education service

The Tu Kotahi education programme offers a free service to families who live in the wider Hutt Valley area.  The friendly Tu Kotahi staff are able to help with  advice and education on all aspects of asthma.  Services are provided to individuals and whanau through a range of settings, including the home, marae, kura, clinics, etc. 

We are also able to provide free spirometry tests in your home or work environment.  This simple test,  measures air flow into and out of the lungs.

Other services provided by Tu Kotahi include a bronchiolitis programme, a Maori COPD programme, an annual asthma camp and an annual whanau asthma achievers award evening.


COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPD whanau meet regularly every week at Kokiri Marae (upstairs), in part due to this whanau wanting to keep in touch regularly.   This group has become very close and caring of each other, knowing that their goals are similar in many ways.  Those similarities range from being Maori firstly, suffering differing levels of COPD, coming together to share issues that impact on their daily lives with COPD. 

The goals of this group have always been about COPD education to enable whanau to cope with the disease COPD and most importantly whanaungatanga.  Education sessions have covered Emergency Plans (reiteration) Medications, Healthy Homes with Heating, Sexual Health, learning home exercises, Green prescription and participation in an exercise regime for 30 to 40 minutes.  Lunch is always the highlight of the day but we do keep within the kaupapa of Kokiri Marae which is only healthy nutritious kai. 


Other Information

Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust Correspondence Course

Asthma Training Programme


Further Information

Contact: Cheryl Davies

Phone: (04) 939 4629

Fax: (04) 939 4640


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